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The Mobile Ventanita

Cuban-American inspired specialty coffee trailer available

for events and more in South Florida.


Miami has reinvented itself time and time again because of its people, creativity, and sheer ambition. The specialty coffee

industry in America is growing beautifully and this city has the potential to be on the map as a landmark coffee destination.


Cienfuegos Coffee wants to be part of that growth. With coffee education, transparency, and quality

sourcing, Cienfuegos Coffee strives to become the top specialty coffee and tea service in South Florida.

Abuelo Tato

What Is Cienfuegos?

Named after the city in Cuba where our founder's abuelo

was born, "Cienfuegos" translates to "a hundred fires." 

Café Con Corazón

Pouring Coffee into Filter_edited.jpg
Cienfuegos Coffee Miami Culture Cortadito Cortado Dominoes.jpg


We work directly with Panther Coffee—innovative small batch roasters based in Miami. They are committed to developing "the finest coffees in the world that are mutually beneficial for all participants."


This isn't your abuela's coffee. Even if a cafecito

from abuela hits different. It's time that traditional 

Cuban-style coffee is brought into the specialty world with the right techniques and education for all.

Culture & Community

As Cuban-Americans growing up in Miami, we're all about being involved in our community. That means supporting local food, art, and events to bring our love of Latin culture into everything that we do.

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Currently available for public and private events.

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